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Dec 31, 2016

So, who and what is WILDTHG? We’ve already been introduced, if briefly; my name is Cassandra, and I am here to travel the world with you! I am originally from San Jose, California, and I’ve spent much of my life back and forth between the west and east coasts of the U.S. For the past few years, I’ve been traveling worldwide and I want to share some of my experiences, adventures, and tried-tricks and tips with you!


At the time of this writing (Dec 2016) I have visited a total of 21 countries – (not many, compared to some of my travelbug peers, I know!) – and hope to make this number grow significantly in the coming months and years!! 11 of those countries have been newly added to my list, just within the year 2016! Let’s see if I can (at least) match that, (or double, or more!) in 2017.


A note on WILDTHG: In case anyone is wondering, my blog/website doesn’t just derive from a song or film… it actually goes back several decades! “Wildthg” was actually the name of my dear grandparents’ fountain racing boat in the 80s, and I’ve grown up hearing it. My little friend that now stands as my website’s logo was once painted on this boat. I associate fond memories with it, and want to keep WILDTHG alive through my own travel adventures now! I will be adding my own personal flare (i.e. glitter for breakfast, the occasional unicorn and color- lots of color).


I sincerely hope that you enjoy the blog; it has been a dream of mine to create for quite a long time now, and it is finally coming to life! Your suggestions, questions and requests are always welcome – don’t be shy and stay in touch!


Keep traveling, and STAY WILD